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    If I had my own world

    Meagan McElroy

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    If I had my own world Empty If I had my own world

    Post by Meagan McElroy on Tue May 26, 2009 8:45 pm

    If I had my own world....

    I would build a kingdom with a king at my side. And it wouldn't be just any government. Capitalism, nor Communism. The governing would be that of respect. My people of small population would be like my children. And in this world it would be night time half the week and daytime the other half. And it would rain everyday. But it wouldn't rain water... It would rain rose pedals in the day time and cherry blossoms in the night time. It would be a world of everlasting comfort. A world where you could wake up every morning and smile out of the sheer fact that you know everything's going to be ok. No hatred, violence, or anything to die for but love. And there wouldn't be a reason to die because everyone would love one another. Like everyone was family friends. And nothing could go wrong to tear you apart. Because everyone only sees one thing, and that's love. No money, economy, or military. And there would be no homes, buildings, or construction. No one would make anything out of anything the world could provide. They would love everything for what it was, and not what they could make out of it. No one would sleep, and mortality would be unknown even by theory. We would all live forever, and no matter how old, we would be in the form of a teenagers body. Young, youthful, and full of life. Half the week during night time, the stars would be bright and beautiful as they could be. And every star in sight would be unique in its own way. Color, and size. And before the night week was over, 5 hours before the sun would rise, all the people would gather together and lay below the night sky and stare at it's everlasting beauty as the cherry blossoms fell from out of no where onto every ones skin. And as the sun would rise everyone would dance their hearts out. And during the day as the cherry blossoms fade away into the green grass, the rose pedals would come and every couple would find a tree, sit under it, and hold hands as their children played around in the descending flowers. And every lover would hold one an others hand, and stare into each others eyes as if they were staring into the edge of the Universe. And they would kiss softly for hours, and spend the whole week in a love deemed lasting forever. There would only be one country, and no divided lands to fight for. The land would be about the size of Japan, in a world the size of Jupiter. The rest of this would be ocean water. But the ocean would be clearer than a hot spring. And the water that came from it would be drinkable, and taste like that of the finest of french wine. Every single thing would be the most amazing thing you've seen, no matter how many times you see it. You would never get bored. No matter what. The ENTIRE world would live in peace, harmony, and comfort, for all eternity...

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    If I had my own world Empty Re: If I had my own world

    Post by Crust on Tue May 26, 2009 10:54 pm

    Very Good Meg hope you do more Wink

    If I had my own world Dragonimage_126370_98425_pixel

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    If I had my own world Empty Re: If I had my own world

    Post by Sky on Fri May 29, 2009 11:33 pm

    Meg you are so deep on your poetry, indeed you are very talented, keep it up If I had my own world 55

    If I had my own world Dragonimage_126584_98595_pixel
    If I had my own world LP

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    If I had my own world Empty Re: If I had my own world

    Post by Bambiy on Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:26 pm

    Sky wrote:Meg you are so deep on your poetry, indeed you are very talented, keep it up If I had my own world 55

    i realy have to agree here. That is the world that i want Smile and as i said before.. it's deep. realy deep Wink

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