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    Post by Sky on Tue May 19, 2009 6:15 pm

    Official Rules of Evolvin' Rockers

    In order to keep order in the forum, we, the staff, would like your cooperation to follow the following rules:

    Spamming on the forum is not tolerated and will be a matter of a reminder or a warning.


    Some curse words will be acceptable like damn, however don't over do it.


    Flaming will not be tolerated, this will cause an idmetiately ban for the starter and a warning for the other one.

    IV.Do not go offtopic

    As all forum goes, members post something offtopic, making the thread go off topic. It is not permitted to do that. You may post in that thread going on-topic, and add ''@Offtopic:'' to say something off topic. If you continue using he @ for offtopic, please take it to PM.


    Advertising is not permitted, period.

    VI.Do not post links to ilegal downloads.

    VII.Posts lengths should be at least 5-15 words per post.
    Post long and understandable posts.

    VIII. DO NOT give personal info.

    Don't give personal information, such as Address, Phone, ID, etc.

    IX. Pornographic Material

    Posting of images pornographic images are not allowed. Linking to websites with such content is also not allowed.

    X. Do not STEAL any works from our members!

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